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Smart Fixx, is the "Original" maker and leader in the U.S.A. of electronic cigs, bringing you an option to use anywhere!

Features & Benefits of Smart Fixx

Smart Fixx is the hottest and newest smoking device offering cigs and cigars. It emits a harmless vapor that simulates smoking by satisfying nicotine urges & cravings. Use Smart Fixx in any situation where there is a smoking ban. Our product is non-offensive. The Electronic Smokeless cig consists of a stainless steel shell, lithium battery, micro-electric circuit, atomizing chamber and an indicator light at the head of the cig. It enables smokers to enjoy the same pleasure as they get from a traditional cig when inhaling the nicotine, imitating the whole process of smoking. The rechargeable battery gives you endless hours of enjoyment and smoking pleasure. No Offensive Second Hand Smoke! Smart Fixx is the perfect solution to the smoking ban now effective in bars as well as airports, restaurants, and work.


Scientific research has demonstrated that their smoke contains over 4,000 chemical substances, hundreds of which are harmful to the human body with 25 diseases directly related to smoking, especially carbon monoxide, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon and nitrosamine in cigarette smoke that are considered the most dangerous carcinogenic substances.

  • Prevents Noxious Odors by Never Creating Them
  • Sophisticated Design, Sleek Art Deco Look & Feel
  • No Residual Clothing or Room Odor... Now That's a Real Benefit!
  • Battery Operated, Simple to Manipulate in all Areas Effected by a Smoking Ban
  • Replaceable Nicotine Cartomizers

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