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Vapor Cigarette

The Super-Mini Cigarette

The Super-Mini Electronic Cigarette is the smallest of the devices. It is the same size as a real cigarette. This is the only choice for the smokeless user who wants to blend in.

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Smokeless Cigarettes Where to Buy

The Mini Cigarette

The Electronic Mini-Cigarette is the second smallest device. It is only 1 inch longer than a real cigarette. Battery life is slightly longer than the Super-Mini.

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Smokeless Cigarettes Water Vapor

The Cigarette

Slightly larger than it's little brother, the electronic cigarette has the longest battery life which makes it perfect for travelling.

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Smokeless Cigarettes Water Vapor

The Disposable Cigar

The disposable electronic cigar is less expensive than the other models. There are no refill cartridges. It is entirely self-contained. When you are done with it, you simply get a new one!

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Smokeless Electronic Cigarettes give you back your right to virtually smoke anywhere.
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Smoke Free Cigarette

It can be extremely hard to quit smoking cigarettes and so far, the most successful product has been either nicotine patch or nicotine based chewing gum. However, there is a new product that lets the smoker actually smoke while quitting. No, it is not a pill that lowers your desire to smoke; this is an actual smoke free cigarette from Smart Fixx. Smoke free cigarettes are actually an amazing product made to let the smoker quit in their own time with their own plan, and it actually works. Smart Fixx's smoke free cigarette… it sounds impossible, but it's not. Here is one product that will not let you down. The non-smokers in your life will be happy with this product as well, and now it's time see why! The smoke free cigarette from Smart Fixx is one amazing product. It cures the need the human body has for nicotine when addicted, as well as the cravings created by stress and a number of other things in your daily life.

The actual "cigarette" is a light weight stainless steel tube made to look like a real cigarette and work very similarly to one as well. Instead of emitting the nicotine filled smoke your body is used to, you will be inhaling water vapors instead along with your desired amount of nicotine that comes from nicotine cartridges that are inserted into the "cigarette". Most of these products, such as the smoke free cigarette, are electronic, but they are still extremely light weight and sleek, much like a real cigarette, only a bit heavier. The point of these products is to help you quit smoking without smoking a real cigarette while making you feel like you're smoking a regular cigarette. These stainless steel tubes are designed to have an area to slide the nicotine cartridges into, so even though the smoker will still be inhaling nicotine, they will not be blowing out smelly smoke and nicotine in the faces and personal spaces of others around you, many of whom may be non-smokers. This is has been an ongoing problem in the country for quite a few years now; although there are very few places that will let smokers actually smoke inside or even outside within a certain amount of feet, people will still smoke whenever they can if their bodies need the nicotine.

Non-smokers, however, are the ones who get the second hand smoke and this has been proven time and time again to be extremely fatal to children, infants and even adults. Second hand smoke causes asthma and cancer of many different types. Smart Fixx has a mission: to stop the spread of any medical problems or diseases that derive from cigarettes or cigarette smoke. Anyone who tries the Smart Fixx smokeless cigarette will be completely happy with its results; no smell, no worries about the health of others and they are completely legal everywhere! Nobody can stop you from smoking when you are not blowing smelly nasty cigarette smoke in the air and/or faces around everyone else that is around you on a daily basis or even if you're just hanging around and smoking where there are a lot of non-smokers. There's no reason at all you shouldn't try Smart Fixx's smoke free cigarette as long you want to save money and consider your own health and the health of your loved ones. So go ahead, give it a try!