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Vapor Cigarette

The Super-Mini Cigarette

The Super-Mini Electronic Cigarette is the smallest of the devices. It is the same size as a real cigarette. This is the only choice for the smokeless user who wants to blend in.

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Smokeless Cigarettes Where to Buy

The Mini Cigarette

The Electronic Mini-Cigarette is the second smallest device. It is only 1 inch longer than a real cigarette. Battery life is slightly longer than the Super-Mini.

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Smokeless Cigarettes Water Vapor

The Cigarette

Slightly larger than it's little brother, the electronic cigarette has the longest battery life which makes it perfect for travelling.

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Smokeless Cigarettes Water Vapor

The Disposable Cigar

The disposable electronic cigar is less expensive than the other models. There are no refill cartridges. It is entirely self-contained. When you are done with it, you simply get a new one!

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Smokeless Electronic Cigarettes give you back your right to virtually smoke anywhere.
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Smoke Free Cigarettes

Do you hate the smell of cigarette smoke in your hair and on your clothing? What about the way it makes your home smell or worse yet, your children or your non-smoking spouse? Everyone knows it is extremely hard to quit smoking for a number of reasons, the main reason being the human body's addiction to the nicotine. A few other reasons are the way it seems to calm the smoker's nerves and the entire "ritual" of smoking. These are all normal things, being that every addict to any drug, smoking being one of the more popular addictions, has a ritual. Smart Fixx recognizes this and has come up with an amazing product… smoke free cigarettes. Everyone is wondering is wondering what the heck is a "smoke free" cigarette? It's a stainless steel tube made to look like a regular cigarette, however, instead of emitting smoke it works with pure water vapors and nicotine cartridges.

Smart Fixx is the original company that came up with the idea of a smoke free cigarette, and after a lot of hands-on research, these smoke free cigarettes were found to work way better than the nicotine based chewing gum or even the patch. These "smokes" are quite amazing because they actually do their job and so far, for all the years Smart Fixx has been working with these products, there have been no complaints about any of the smoke free products. One main focus of Smart Fixx is non-smokers, being that they are the ones that end up with the worst of the side effects even if everyone is smoking outside of the house. There is still a scent that trails into the home and clings to everything the smoker makes contact with. Every year infants and young children develop asthma or even die from second hand smoke alone. It doesn't take much to hurt one so small and cancer and asthma have been known to develop in grown adults of any age as well as children all from second hand smoke.

Smart Fixx has been doing their best to help save lives in so many ways when you look at the big picture; it's all about quitting smoking and getting rid of all the second hand smoke in the air all around us. No matter if your smoking habit is big or small; it is hurting your body and everyone around you in one way or another. Inhaling nicotine from a cartridge insert and water vapors is an amazing idea that works… for everyone involved! These smoke free cigarettes are easy to work with and they save the smoker a lot of money; even the families of the smokers can approve of using this product! Being that these "smokes" are made to look real and give the smoker the satisfaction of going through the motions of smoking as well as easing the stress and feeding the body the nicotine it craves and needs.

However, when exhaling there is no real smoke, just the water vapors, and it is completely scent free. Besides saving cash, Smart Fixx can guarantee that this product will keep the smoker and the non-smokers around them, happy… but it also helps the smoker quit. Quitting is Smart Fixx's main goal for any smoker who wants to quit but has failed again and again. They recognize the difficulty of nicotine addiction. Smoke free cigarettes allow the smoker to quit at their own pace and make their own plan. So take the first step towards your last step and start with Smart Fixx's smokeless cigarettes now!