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Vapor Cigarette

The Super-Mini Cigarette

The Super-Mini Electronic Cigarette is the smallest of the devices. It is the same size as a real cigarette. This is the only choice for the smokeless user who wants to blend in.

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Smokeless Cigarettes Where to Buy

The Mini Cigarette

The Electronic Mini-Cigarette is the second smallest device. It is only 1 inch longer than a real cigarette. Battery life is slightly longer than the Super-Mini.

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Smokeless Cigarettes Water Vapor

The Cigarette

Slightly larger than it's little brother, the electronic cigarette has the longest battery life which makes it perfect for travelling.

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Smokeless Cigarettes Water Vapor

The Disposable Cigar

The disposable electronic cigar is less expensive than the other models. There are no refill cartridges. It is entirely self-contained. When you are done with it, you simply get a new one!

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Smokeless Electronic Cigarettes give you back your right to virtually smoke anywhere.
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Smokeless Cigarettes Water Vapor

If you have recently been introduced to smokeless cigarettes water vapor and you are suddenly very intrigued by this refreshing concept, you are certainly not alone. There are very good reasons why smokers are finding this option so incredibly desirable and making the switch. It should come as no surprise how offensive traditional cigarette smoke is, smokeless cigarettes water vapor options are the ideal solution.

How Smokeless Cigarettes Water Vapor Works

smokeless cigarettes water vapor by Smart Fixx is a one of a kind option that uses propylene glycol to create an illusion of real smoke without all of the toxic and foul smelling side effects. Every one of the cigarettes produced by Smart Fixx contain this particular compound that is completely safe. In fact, it's often used in food coloring and flavoring as well so there is a very good chance that you have already consumed it on many occasions in your life.

The smokeless cigarettes water vapor line does contain nicotine scent and flavoring so you are still getting your fix, you're just doing it in a much cleaner, healthier and less offensive way. Wouldn't it be nice if your clothes and hair didn't constantly smell like smoke everyday? The smokeless cigarettes water vapor solutions by Smart Fixx feature replaceable nicotine cartridges and a rechargeable battery in either traditional cigarettes, mini electronic cigarettes or electronic cigar varieties.

The vapor that is resulted from these smokeless cigarettes water vapor varieties work by providing unparalleled psychological benefits that only Smart Fixx can provide. Their cigarettes feature nicotine cartridges that are extremely long lasting. They emit a harmless water vapor that provides your lungs with the same type of feeling that tobacco does. There is no dangerous flame, no toxic smoke, just a water vapor that is suggested to be just as fulfilling and more enjoyable than the real thing.

Are Smokeless Cigarettes Water Vapor Options Safer?

One of the greatest benefits of choosing one of the smokeless cigarettes water vapor options over a traditional cigarette is the reduction of adverse health effects. Electronic cigarettes do not contain any of the chemicals that are found in traditional cigarettes. Therefore, they provide the same desirable sensation without the exhausting list of deadly side effects.

Do you know that a regular cigarette contains 4,000 chemical substances that pollute your body and the environment? smokeless cigarettes water vapor varieties don't. They feature a scent that actually emulates the tobacco flavor. These cigarettes taste and feel like the real thing without jeopardizing your short and long-term health with every puff and putting those at risk around you. Many people that try to quit smoking can get through the nicotine withdrawals but struggle with breaking the actual habit. If you're someone who just can't go without smoking when you're stuck in rush hour traffic, these are the perfect solution for you.

For more information on smokeless cigarettes water vapor, visit the Smart Fixx website. To place an order you can also call 866-456-1522 or email them at These are the original smokeless electronic cigarettes as seen on ABC, CNN and Fox News, don't settle for imitators!