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Vapor Cigarette

The Super-Mini Cigarette

The Super-Mini Electronic Cigarette is the smallest of the devices. It is the same size as a real cigarette. This is the only choice for the smokeless user who wants to blend in.

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Smokeless Cigarettes Where to Buy

The Mini Cigarette

The Electronic Mini-Cigarette is the second smallest device. It is only 1 inch longer than a real cigarette. Battery life is slightly longer than the Super-Mini.

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Smokeless Cigarettes Water Vapor

The Cigarette

Slightly larger than it's little brother, the electronic cigarette has the longest battery life which makes it perfect for travelling.

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Smokeless Cigarettes Water Vapor

The Disposable Cigar

The disposable electronic cigar is less expensive than the other models. There are no refill cartridges. It is entirely self-contained. When you are done with it, you simply get a new one!

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Smokeless Electronic Cigarettes give you back your right to virtually smoke anywhere.
All New lower prices and flavors!

Smokeless Cigarettes Where To Buy

When you hear about smokeless cigarettes, where to buy them is often one of the first questions that comes to mind. There are a few different products on the market today so which one should you try? After all, giving up your traditional cigarettes for something different is probably a little scary so if you are going to make a change for the better, you might as well make sure that you buy the most effective and safest product possible.

Smokeless Cigarettes, Where to Buy Online?

If you want smokeless cigarettes, the best place to buy them is online. Now, if you have browsed the internet, you have probably discovered that you have a lot of options which can be a little overwhelming. Sure, they all look great so which one do you choose? If you want the best and most recommended smokeless cigarettes, where to buy is Smart Fixx. These are the original electronic cigarettes that have been seen on ABC, CNN and Fox News. Everyone else is merely an imitator!

Why Smart Fixx?

Chances are, if you are in the market to buy smokeless cigarettes, you are only giving this idea one chance. Therefore, buying the most effective and easy to use product is essential. These electronic cigarettes look real and even satisfy your urge by using nicotine scented cartridges that emulate the flavor you would receive from your traditional cigarettes, whether you smoke regular or menthol.

If you ask around or read reviews about smokeless cigarettes, where to buy always seems to point to Smart Fixx. They emit a water vapor that actually looks like a regular cigarette but it contains no carcinogens. The illusion of smoke is created from propylene glycol which is nothing more than an organic compound often found in flavoring and food coloring. This means that you get something that mimics the real thing, satisfies your nicotine urge as well as the habit of holding something in your hand without the toxic effects.

Do They Really Satisfy Cravings?

When many people hear about smokeless cigarettes, where to buy isn't as much of a question as if they really work to satisfy cravings. Well, if you have ever tried to quit smoking, you've probably discovered that it's not so much the cigarette itself that is hard to go without but the habit of holding one in your hand. How will you drive, talk on the phone or even sit on the computer without a cigarette in your hand? Smokeless cigarettes solve this problem!

Not only that, when people speak of smokeless cigarettes, where to buy always seems to be Smart Fixx because they feel as close to the real thing as possible to really satisfy cravings. Their cartridges come in both regular and menthol flavor so they provide the same smell and taste you are used to without the 4,000 chemicals. You receive the sensation that you would get smoking a cigarette in a healthy, non-offensive way. This means that even where there's smoking bans enforced, you can still sit there and enjoy your smokeless cigarettes.

If you have been looking for smokeless cigarettes, where to buy them is at the Smart Fixx website. You can also email them at or call them at 866-456-1522. These are the longest lasting, safest, most effective and recommended smokeless cigarettes on the market.