A Vapor Cigarette Won’t Turn your Car into a Giant Ashtray

The problem with smoking in cars is that they are so small and enclosed that the tar and nicotine will cause havoc with the upholstery, headliner and carpets. While you can wash that stuff of the windows and dashboard, it is difficult at best to remove from fabric surfaces, meaning that your car will smell like a giant ashtray if you choose to smoke in it. The vapor cigarette has changed all of that, and allows you to enjoy your nicotine in your car without out the fear of ruining it.

If you face long commutes to an office where you cannot smoke either, the prospect of not smoking in your car on the way to work is not a pleasant one. A vapor cigarette can make sure you get the nicotine you crave before work time, but it can also ensure that you do not ruin your car’s interior with cigarette smoke. Smart Fixx offers starter kits to get you started, visit us at our site to get your free trial kit, you only pay shipping.

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