Enjoy that Vapor Cigarette Almost Anywhere


If you are considering getting a vapor cigarette because it is getting harder and harder to find places where you can smoke cigarettes then you will be glad to know that currently most places do allow the vapor cigarette still. While that might be subject to change in the future, the fact that vapor cigarettes have no emissions means that most places will still you allow to use them. A great alternative for bars, restaurants or other places where you may like to socialize, you can enjoy your nicotine and not bother anyone else.

The vapor cigarette comes in a starter kit with everything you need to get started with, including batteries, charger, vaporizer and cartridges. Smart Fixx has several starter kits to choose from and we even offer a free trial kit for just the cost of shipping, you can try our vapor cigarette and see for yourself if it is an alternative for you.

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