Five Reason to Use SmartFixx

If you knew that there were at least five good reasons why SmartFixx Electronic Cigarettes are better than continuing to smoke tobacco, would you consider getting one for you, your spouse or friend? Every smoker knows the risks they are taking using tobacco, but what if there were much less risk involved in using a smokeless cigarette? That is exactly what many researchers do think about SmartFixx e-cigarette. Here are the five reasons why some believe this is true: 

  1. No toxic smoke involved in using SmartFixx Electronic Cigarettes.
  2. No tar.
  3. No residue to stain your teeth. 
  4. No foul odor to linger on your breath, body, hair, clothes, home, car, etc.
  5. No risk of starting house fires with SmartFixx Smokeless Cigarettes.

Perhaps if you knew that it was a lot less expensive to use than with smoking tobacco, would you try it? A pack of tobacco cigareetes will charge you at least seven dollars in most states, and some are much more than that.  You can get one nicotine filter, which is approximately a pack of cigarettes, for $1.79!

4 Responses to “Five Reason to Use SmartFixx”

  1. Thanks for making this blog post.

  2. Cigars says:

    Great article, I just tried a J. Fuego during the weekend break….surprisingly wonderful; I don’t distinguish if I would include it in my best 10 unfortunately. Cheers for taking the time to write this!

  3. admin says:

    Your right! This gives us smokers our rights back to smoke where and when we want without the “glares” from anyone else around us.

  4. Roscoe Ollila says:

    An added benefit is the ability for the smoker to smoke in virtually any place or environment. Pubs, Clubs, restaurants, theaters and airplanes, places which have banned cigarette smoke for decades are completely legal for electronic smokers since this produces no illegal by-products, and therefore no secondhand smoke.

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