Johnny Depp, Leonardo & More on E-Cigs

Johnny Depp, Leonardo DiCaprio, Kevin Federline, Tom Petty and Ryan Seacrest are all notable e-cigarette users.

Electronic cigarettes provide an alternative without causing the voice changes, wrinkles, yellowed teeth and other negative drawbacks of tobacco cigarettes for actors and performers per tabloids and other news sources.

Another factor is the protection of filming equipment. The need for cleaning and deodorization is eliminated. Electronic cigarettes produce no residue or smoke.

A third factor in the rise of celebrity e-cigarette use is the presence of widespread smoking bans.

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    Johnny Depp is the hottest sexiest and funniest person in the world! How could anyone not love him! My friends all love Orlando Bloom but Johnny Depp is sooo much sexier and better than anyone else in the world!

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