Smoke Free Cigarette

Is Your Spouse Hassling You?

The wife quit smoking several months ago without any real help from you because you are still puffing away. Now that she doesn’t smoke anymore, all she does is pick at you and hassle you to either quit or at the very least take your stinky cigarettes outside. This looks like the perfect time for you think about kicking the butts and start using a smoke free cigarette.

The problem is that every time you light a cigarette, the tobacco burns and produces a nasty smelling smoke that permeates everything in the area, this includes your hair, your skin and your clothes. Those who do not smoke can’t stand the smell. When you use a smoke free cigarette from Smart Fixx, you never light or burn anything so there is no smell. The only thing you get is the nicotine you need and a wife that might finally let you relax and enjoy your “smoke”.


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