Smoke Free Cigarette

Smoke Free Cigarette – The Perfect Solution to That New Smoking Ban

As more and more cities, counties and states put smoking bans on everything from restaurants to public places it makes it harder and harder for the smoker to enjoy a cigarette unless they are in the privacy of their own home. Since none of us can stay in our homes all the time, it means we must come up with another solution to enjoy our nicotine regardless of where we are at. The smoke free cigarette offers us just that, a way to get the nicotine we want without all of the smoke that others don’t want.

A smoke free cigarette works by delivering your nicotine through vapor, there is no smoke so you will be able to enjoy your cigarette without causing issues for others that do not want to deal with second hand smoke. Visit us at Smart Fixx to learn more about our smoke free cigarettes and to get your own.

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