Smoke Free Cigarette

Choosing the Right Smoke Free Cigarette

For those who are considering buying a smoke free cigarette, you are going to find that there are far more of them on the market than you might realize. With smoking tobacco products being banned in most public places, the demand for vapor cigarettes has increased exponentially. This in turn has led to a major surge in the number of companies making electronic cigarettes.

It has also led to a surge in the number of poor quality products, so if you are going to buy a smoke free cigarette, you need to do your homework. At Smart Fixx we offer the number one choice in smokeless cigarettes for smokers looking for a way to kick the habit or to get the nicotine fix when they are in a public area where smoking has been banned. The only thing you won’t get with our e cigarettes is the over 4,000 toxic chemicals that a tobacco cigarette contains.


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