Smoke Free Cigarette

Keep Your Clothes Smelling Clean with a Smoke Free Cigarette

If there is one thing that most people notice about a smoker, it has to be the fact that no matter what, their clothes always smell like an ashtray. This is a simple fact and as long as you continue to smoke tobacco, everything on you and around you is going to smell this way. If you want to get rid of the smell, you need to switch to a smoke free cigarette.

The smoke free cigarette, such as those sold at Smart Fixx, is completely odorless. This is because the refill cartridges contain nothing but water, nicotine and a flavor additive. You inhale these as a vapor and then exhale nothing but water vapor. This means that you, your clothing, your car and everything about you will no longer smell like a dead ashtray, which is something everyone you know will certainly appreciate.


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