Smoke Free Cigarette

Using a Smoke Free Cigarette as Part of a Smoking Cessation Program

Out of the millions of people who have tried or are trying to quit smoking only a small number can say it was easy and walk away from the pack they just tossed in the trash, never to pick up another cigarette. For everyone else it is likely to be a long hard struggle as they battle multiple addictions. While not designed as a smoking cessation aid, the smoke free cigarette is being found by many to be a life saver while they are working on quitting.

This is because the smoke free cigarette such as those sold by Smart Fixx replicate the look and feel of a real cigarette very accurately. They also duplicate the physical act of smoking and provide the nicotine that the smoker is addicted to. When used in conjunction with an approved smoking cessation program, these electronic cigarettes can help make it easier for a smoker to finally put out his last butt.


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