Smoke Free Cigarette

The Hardest Part of Quitting

If you are ready to quit smoking, you have to ask yourself what the hardest part is going to be. If you are like most people, the first thing you are going to say is the nicotine that your body is addicted to. While this is definitely a major part of the problem, there are patches and gums that can more than take care of that problem.

While these products take care of the nicotine cravings they leave you with one problem, none of them address the fact that you are used to holding a cigarette and puffing away on it. Often it is this physical need that does the potential quitter in just as much as the nicotine addiction. Fortunately the smoke free cigarette from Smart Fixx can step in and provide you not only with something to hold, but with a vapor to inhale that contains nicotine and a flavoring to completely fool the senses as you wean yourself off of tobacco forever.


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