Smoke Free Cigarettes

Keep your Electronics Working Better with Smoke Free Cigarettes

Everyone knows that the sticky tar and nicotine from a cigarette is bad on electronics, this substance gets on the components and then dust sticks to it. Because the substance is sticky it is virtually impossible to clean off, this result in your electronics overheating and no longer working. Smokers have learned not to smoke around computers, use air cleaners to keep the smoke away from them, or have paid the price. Smoke free cigarettes are an alternative choice to smoking around your electronics; because they produce no smoke they produce none of the harmful substances that can destroy your electronics.

Smoke free cigarettes work with battery, vaporizer and cartridge filled with nicotine, this means that there is no second hand smoke, only vapor that goes into your lungs. To learn more about the smoke free cigarette visit us at Smart Fixx we offer starter kits and information to help you get started.

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