Smoke Free Cigarettes

“Smoking” Smoke Free Cigarettes at Your Favorite Bar

If you have spent any time in your favorite bar lately, you have probably noticed that you have no choice but to take your tobacco cigarettes outside. Most states have enacted laws banning people from smoking any type of tobacco product in most public places.  On the other hand, if you happen to have smoke free cigarettes in your pocket you can still enjoy your favorite “smoke” while sipping on a beer.

If you are not familiar with smoke free cigarettes, they are a relative newcomer to the smoking world. These devices closely resemble a cigarette in both size and looks. However, this is where any similarity ends. You do not light smoke free cigarettes and they do not produce any smoke. These cigarettes from Smart Fixx use a built in atomizer that turns water and nicotine in the replaceable cartridge into a vapor you inhale allowing you to get your nicotine fix without breaking any laws.


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