Smoke Free Cigarettes

Protect Your Computer with Smoke Free Cigarettes

One thing that many smokers fail to realize is the amount of damage that the tar in the secondhand smoke they exhale can do. This is the substance that coats everything and turns it yellow. You can see it gathering on ceilings, curtains and unbeknownst to those who smoke around their computers, on the inside coating everything. You can avoid this by switching to smoke free cigarettes in your home and especially around your computer.

The constant buildup of tar and nicotine inside of a computer will cause dust to stick to everything. Over time this will cause your computer to overheat and this can have disastrous results. If you rely on your computer for work or to store vital data on, you can’t afford to have this happen. You can eliminate this risk by using nothing but smoke free cigarettes such as those available at Smart Fixx whenever you are inside.


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