Smoke Free Cigarettes

Remember Pavlov and his Dogs?

As human beings we are creatures of habit and unfortunately for many this extends to continuing to smoke cigarettes decades after finding out just how bad they are for us. We condition ourselves to many different activities during our lives, we get and the first thing we want is a cup of coffee and of course our morning cigarette. Just like Pavlov’s dog the coffee triggers the need for the cigarette, but you can replace the real thing with the latest smoke free cigarettes.

Since it is the need to be handling and sucking on a cigarette that is a major part of this “conditioning”, you can take the first step to cutting down on and eventually quitting smoking by replacing your tobacco smokes with smoke free cigarettes from Smart Fixx. Not only do they take care of the physical activity need, they still contain the nicotine your body is craving so that you are satisfying both needs.


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