Smoke Free Cigarettes

Give the Gift of Cleaner Lungs

While you may have a family member or a really close friend who just can’t quite seem to break the smoking habit, you can still do your part to help them clean up not only their lungs, but the air around them. When you give the gift of smoke free cigarettes, you are giving them a way to “quit” smoking without having to actually quit.

Most smokers use one of two basic excuses as to why they still have not kicked the habit. They will tell you that they have to have their nicotine fix and that they would not know what to do with their hands if they were not using them to hold a smoke. Smoke free cigarettes such as those available from Smart Fixx cover both excuses. They use refill cartridges that supply nicotine infused vapor with each puff and have the same look and feel of a real cigarette, they do not smell bad or contain chemicals that are toxic to the smoker or to those around him.


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