Smoke Free Cigarettes

Smoke Free Cigarettes Can Help You Clean Up Your Act

Are you fed up with hearing people telling you that you stink and that you make everything around you stink as well? Are you tired of being forced to take your cigarettes outside even when the weather is nasty? If this is the case then perhaps you should think about doing something about it. Even though no one is going to force you to kick the nicotine habit, smoke free cigarettes can at least help you get rid of the smell.

Smoke free cigarettes such as those we sell at Smart Fixx use a cartridge that contain both nicotine and water to provide you with the nicotine your body needs, but none of the smoke that stinks so bad. The built in atomizer allows you to inhale the mixture. The only thing you exhale is an odorless and harmless water vapor, which means you will finally be able to enjoy your “smokes” anywhere you want to without complaints.


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