Smoke Free Cigarettes

Protect Your Kids’ Lungs and Health

We are all well aware of the fact that secondhand smoke is just as harmful if not more so than the smoke you keep exhaling every time you light up. Since you are well aware of this, what are you still doing lighting up around your kids? Just because you can’t quite manage to kick the habit, there is no reason why your kids should have to share it with you. Any time you are around your kids, you should be using smoke free cigarettes.

The benefits of smoke free cigarettes from Smart Fixx are numerous. To start with they use a replaceable cartridge to provide you with the nicotine you need, emit nothing more that the water vapor/nicotine mix you inhale and the only thing you exhale is water vapor. With one of these e cigarettes you get the nicotine that your body craves, but your kids are not being subjected to the secondhand smoke that is going to damage their young lungs.


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