Smoke Free Cigarettes Will Not Break your Lease


More and more landlords are stipulating no cigarettes on their properties, this comes as no big surprise since the smell of cigarettes can get in the carpets and window coverings as well as leave stains on the walls that are hard to cover over. Burn holes in carpets can ruin a carpet and smoking is a risk to the entire structure should someone fall asleep with a cigarette in hand. Smoke free cigarettes will relieve you of all of these issues and allow you to enjoy your favorite nicotine flavor with no smell at all.

Smoke free cigarettes can keep your landlord happy, but they will also make the rest of the nonsmokers in your family happy as well. No more cigarette smell when the walk in the house, and no more ashes and burns everywhere you smoke. Smart Fixx can help you get started with smoke free cigarettes with our starter kits, visit our site to learn more.

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