Smoke Free Electronic Cigarette

Have a Legal Smoke with a Smoke Free Electronic Cigarette

When you smoke, there is nothing worse than finishing a meal in your favorite restaurant and then having to step outside in the cold or rainy weather to have a smoke. As most states now have now banned or in the process of imposing bans on smoking in public places, there has been no other choice and the number of places you can smoke just keep getting smaller. The smoke free electronic cigarette is the ultimate solution to the problem.

With a smoke free electronic cigarette from Smart Fixx, you can still enjoy your nicotine fix after your meal or with a beer at your local bar and not have to worry about breaking these new laws. With this type of cigarette, there is no fire and nothing is burning so there is no real smoke. All you inhale is a stream of water vapor and nicotine, nothing more and they are perfectly legal everywhere.


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