Smoke Free Electronic Cigarette

Does a Smoke Free Electronic Cigarette Contain Fewer Chemicals?

One of the questions many people ask about a smoke free electron cigarette concerns the number of chemicals contained in the cartridge. The tobacco industry would have you believe that our vapor cigarettes still contain toxic chemicals in order to convince you that they are no healthier for you than their toxin laden tobacco products and this just is not the case.

The facts are far more obvious when you look at them; the average tobacco cigarette contains over 400 different chemicals that have all been well proven to be toxic to varying degrees to the human body and cause numerous illnesses and diseases. Here at Smart Fixx, our smoke free electronic cigarette cartridge contains water, propylene glycol, nicotine and a scent that is designed to emulate tobacco flavor. While they might taste and feel like the real thing, there is nothing in our smokeless cigarettes that has been found to be toxic.


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