Smoke Free Electronic Cigarette

Your Kids Don’t Need to Smoke with You

While you may not be able to kick the habit of smoking cigarettes, there are some members of your family that do not need to indulge in your bad habit. Your kids have lungs that are still growing and forming, the last thing they need to be breathing in is cigarette smoke and the hundreds of toxic chemical it contains. Do your lungs and theirs a favor by switching to a smoke free electronic cigarette.

When you switch to a smoke free electronic cigarette such as those we sell here at Smart Fixx, you are going to be using a device that has a built in atomizer that uses replaceable cartridges. These cartridges are filled with a blend of propylene glycol, nicotine and your choice of flavorings. When you inhale you are going to get your nicotine fix and when you exhale your kids are still going to be breathing clean air that will not harm their lungs.


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