Smoke Free Electronic Cigarette

When Quitting Cold Turkey Is Not an Option

Most smokers who try to quit cold turkey tend to fail quite miserably, it’s not because they don’t want to quit however. It is the constant craving not only for the nicotine, although that in itself can be very bad, it is the need for the physical motion associated with smoking that does us in. As humans we become conditioned to curtained activities, the smoke free electronic cigarette can help with.

Think about when you crave a “smoke” the most, is it right after a meal? While you are drinking your morning cup of coffee? While the “patch” or that nicotine gum can help with that part of the craving, it does nothing for the physical craving for holding a cigarette and putting it to your mouth. The smoke free electronic cigarette from Smart Fixx is there to fill that need as you work towards putting down your cigarettes forever.


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