Smoke Free Electronic Cigarettes

Are You Fed Up With Having an Ash Tray Mouth?

Are you fed up with people telling you that your breath stinks like an old ashtray, no matter how many times you brush your teeth? Do you try and cover the stink of cigarettes by constantly eating breath mints or chewing gum? If you do then maybe it is past time that you did something about it, like ditching the tobacco and switching to smoke free electronic cigarettes instead.

Unlike tobacco cigarettes, smoke free electronic cigarettes from Smart Fixx produce no smelly smoke as there is no burning tobacco. As there is nothing burning or smoking, there is nothing to create the nasty odor that has been giving you ashtray mouth. Our refill cartridges have the nicotine you are used to getting from your cigarettes, polypropylene glycol, water and a flavor additive, none of which create a foul smell, so that you and everyone around you can finally enjoy your fresh breath.


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