Smokeless Cigarette Reviews

Can Smokeless Cigarettes Help You Kick the Habit?

There are a number of smokeless cigarette reviews that claim these e cigarettes can help you kick the habit. Most people want to know if there is any truth to this as the ads only allude to this instead of stating it outright. The real fact is that the manufacturers are not allowed by law to state that their products can be used to help a person quit smoking.

On the other hand, while you cannot say that these cigarettes can help you kick the butts, the majority of smokeless cigarette reviews point to the fact that vapor cigarettes such as those we carry at Smart Fixx can be used as a part of a complete smoking cessation package. While this may sound a little like a cereal ad (part of a complete breakfast), the fact that they contain controlled levels of nicotine that can be reduced indicates that these products may help you to finally put out your last smoke and work towards the ultimate goal.


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