Smokeless Cigarette Reviews

What People Are Saying

In the last decade or so the medical community and the press have been working hard to push the reality that smoking kills. While this might be bad for the tobacco industry, it has spawned a whole new industry, the smokeless cigarette. If you read smokeless cigarette reviews from the different companies, you might be tempted to think that these are the greatest thing since sliced bread. Should believe these reviews or are they just sales hype?

What you will find if you search the web for smokeless cigarette reviews that are not associated with a particular business or manufacturer, you will find that the overall opinion of electronic cigarettes such as those we sell at Smart Fixx show that these products are for the most part as good as the manufacturer claims.  The overall opinion is that they work well and deliver the nicotine that a smoker needs, without all of the other toxic chemicals in today’s tobacco.


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