Smokeless Cigarette Reviews

Are Smokeless Cigarette Reviews Honest

With so much bad press surrounding the use of tobacco in all its forms, and rightly so, there has been an enormous surge in the development and sale of the smokeless cigarette. Reviews claim that these cigarettes are the perfect solution to the problem as they allow the smoker to get his nicotine fix, with virtually no ill effects. Is this true or are these reviews more about hype and sales than genuine concern for what smokers are inhaling?

The reality is that the smokeless cigarette reviews are correct in as much as using a smokeless cigarette from Smart Fixx is a healthier alternative to tobacco. You will not be inhaling hundreds of toxic chemicals into your lungs. You are only inhaling water vapor and nicotine. The one thing to remember however, is that nicotine is still not necessarily good for you either and you can use these e cigarettes as a part of a complete smoking cessation program.


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