Smokeless Cigarettes Water Vapor

Are You Struggling to Quit?

Getting started smoking is the easy part, thousands of people are still doing it every day, the hard part is when you finally come to your senses and try to quit. While there are a lucky few who can quit “cold turkey”, the vast majority of smokers struggle even when on a doctor recommended smoking cessation program. One issue is what to do with your hands when you no longer need them to hold a cigarette, rather than succumbing to the need and grabbing a real cigarette, try reaching for one of those water vapor smokeless cigarettes instead.

The water vapor smokeless cigarettes that we sell at Smart Fixx are not intended nor marketed as an aid to help you quit smoking. However, many people who have successfully quit will tell you that they used these electronic cigarettes along with the program that their doctor put them on. They give you something to do with your hands instead of lighting up.


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