Smokeless Cigarettes Water Vapor

Keep the Peace at Home with Water Vapor Smokeless Cigarettes

If you are the only one in your house that still smokes, you are likely to have to take your cigarettes outside in order to keep the peace in the house or put up with continuous harassment. Today there is an alternative; this is water vapor smokeless cigarettes. These are rapidly becoming one of the most popular ways for smoker to be able to enjoy his habit anywhere he wants to.

This is because the water vapor smokeless cigarettes sold by Smart Fixx use an atomizer to turn the water and nicotine in the cartridge into a vapor that is inhaled. The only thing that you exhale is colorless, odorless water vapor. This way you still get the nicotine your body craves and you are not polluting the air around you and having to deal with the constant stream of complaints.


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