Smokeless Cigarettes Water Vapor

What Do Water Vapor Smokeless Cigarettes Contain?

After seeing all of the advertisements on late night television extolling the virtues of the water vapor smokeless cigarettes, it can lead you to wonder how they can take the place of real cigarettes and what is in that water vapor.  These vapor cigarettes are still considered legal in most places where tobacco has been banned so whatever is in the vapor has to be safe right?

The water vapor smokeless cigarettes you can buy here at Smart Fixx use a replaceable¬† cartridge that contains water, polypropylene glycol which helps give the water vapor its tobacco flavor, the desired level of nicotine if any and in many cases a flavoring. This is all you will find in the vapor that you inhale. You will find even less in the water vapor that you exhale as there are no toxic or harmful chemicals in the vapor, which is why they can be “smoked” in places where smoking has been banned.


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