Smokeless Cigarettes Water Vapor

Enjoy a Completely Legal “Smoke”

As you are probably well aware, just about every state in the country has banned smoking in public buildings and that often includes your favorite bar. So if you plan to go out on a Friday night for a couple of beers, you better be prepared to standout side for a smoke even if it pouring down with rain. You can avoid this whole problem by switching over to water vapor smokeless cigarettes.

When you switch over to using water vapor smokeless cigarettes from Smart Fixx, you will still be able get your nicotine fix along with your favorite brew on a Friday night, but you will not have to worry about breaking any laws. With a water vapor cigarette, since there is nothing lit and nothing is burning and there is no real smoke. Instead, you inhale a stream of water vapor and nicotine, nothing more and nothing less and they are completely legal in all states at the moment.


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