Smokeless Cigarettes Water Vapor

Enjoy a Legal Smoke with a Water Vapor Smokeless Cigarettes

Most states have now passed laws banning smoking in almost every public building and those that haven’t are in the process of doing so. This means that if you want to enjoy a smoke after a meal in your favorite restaurant, you are going to have to step outside, no matter what the weather is like. On the other hand if you are using one the latest water vapor smokeless cigarettes you do not have to go anywhere.

If you are using water vapor smokeless cigarettes from Smart Fixx, you can still get your nicotine fix after your meal or with a beer at your favorite bar and not have to worry about breaking any laws. With a water vapor cigarette, nothing is lit, nothing is burning and there is no real smoke. Instead, you inhale a stream of water vapor and nicotine, nothing more and nothing less and they are completely legal everywhere.


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