Vapor Cigarette

What Makes a Vapor Cigarette Work?

You can’t have missed all of the late night commercials advertising the smokeless or vapor cigarette and how cool they are and the fact that you can “smoke” them anywhere and this includes places where smoking has been outlawed. They are legal because you never light one of these electronic cigarettes so there is nothing burning and as such no smoke, instead they produce water vapor that contains nicotine.

Vapor cigarettes, such as those sold by Smart Fixx, look just like the real things. Inside these cigarettes is a battery; a cartridge filled with nicotine, water and in many cases a flavoring. The battery is used to power the atomizer and the colored LED on the tip. As you inhale the atomizer provides you with a stream of nicotine and water vapor that is like smoking a real cigarette and contains the nicotine and flavoring.


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