Vapor Cigarette

Clean Air for Your Kids with a Vapor Cigarette

While you already know that you should not be smoking around your kids, there are times when the need for nicotine overcomes the ability to wait until you can light up away from your kids. While this is not their fault, they should still not have to suffer for your bad habits. When you just have to have a smoke, put those tobacco cigarettes away and pick up a vapor cigarette instead.

With a vapor cigarette from Smart Fixx you never “light” anything, thus there is no secondhand smoke that your kids are going to be stuck gagging on. Instead, inside each vapor cigarette is a small disposable cartridge that contains water, nicotine and a flavoring and nothing else. As you inhale; the liquid is passed through an atomizer and you inhale the mixture as a vapor. All you exhale is harmless water vapor, this way you get your nicotine and your kids get clean air to breathe.

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