Vapor Cigarette

There is No Tar in Our Vapor Cigarette

Anyone who has been smoking for a number of years is well aware of the amount of tar that every tobacco cigarette puts into your lungs each time you take a puff. ¬†Look on the Internet at pictures of a smoker’s lungs and you will find that they are very scary. No matter what brand of tobacco cigarette you smoke, including those considered as being “low tar”, your lungs are going eventually fill up with tar. When you use a vapor cigarette, the vapor contains no tar or any other toxic chemical in them to poison your lungs.

The Smart Fixx selection of vapor cigarettes uses cartridges that come in several levels of nicotine and are available in several popular flavors. Our cartridges contain nothing more than water, nicotine and the appropriate flavor and nothing else. There are many things you won’t find in them, but perhaps the most important one is tar as this is known to be one of the major causes of COPD and emphysema.


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