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What to Do When Grandpa Is Coming To Stay

Now that grandma has passed on to greener pastures, you and your family are going to do the right thing and move grandpa into the spare room so that you can keep a close eye on him. The only problem with this is that he still smokes like a chimney and you have a smoke free house. This would be a good time to introduce pops to a vapor cigarette.

When you stop to consider his age and the fact that he has been smoking since he was old enough to hold a cigarette, you are not going to get him to quit. At the same time you can’t have the smell and the secondhand smoke permeating your house. Give him a vapor cigarette from Smart Fixx and you can solve both problems at the same time as he will keep getting his daily intake of nicotine and no one else in your will nor will they have to smell his stinky cigarettes.


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