Vapor Cigarette

Get Rid of the Tar with a Vapor Cigarette

If you are like most smokers you are more than well aware of how much tar a tobacco cigarette puts into your lungs. The pictures of a smoker’s lungs can be very scary. It does not matter what type of tobacco cigarette you smoke, even the “low tar” ones, your lungs are going to slowly fill up with tar. With a vapor cigarette, there is absolutely no tar or any other toxic chemical in them to poison your lungs.

At Smart Fixx we have a selection of vapor cigarettes for you to choose from. The cartridges for these come in different levels of nicotine along with several popular flavors. All they contain is water, nicotine and the appropriate flavor and nothing else. Of all the things that they do not contain, perhaps one of the most important is tar as this is considered to be one of the major causes of COPD and emphysema.


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