History was founded just over four years ago. It was one of the first, and original, electronic cigarette companies to bring this technology to the United States.

The owner started this company with only enough money to purchase the minimum amount of kits to become a distributor. His wife worked as a waitress to feed their three children and themselves. Not to mention, paying rent and utilities.  He delivered flowers so he could take orders in between deliveries.  Back then it was more educating the public then selling.  His wife said, “if this project of yours does not pick up in the next three months, we need to decide what we are going to do”.

After a year and three months, the business started turning more sales than educating the public.  Enough so that the owner and his wife were able to quit their  current jobs. He worked full time as the order taker, packing and shipping.  His wife was able to become a full time mom again.

And now is one of the top electronic cigarette companies in the world, with local, national and international distributors, as well as, retail sales.  SmartFixx warehouse opened 3 years ago, and has grown each year, with  shipping and receiving departments to assure prompt and accurate shipping to you, and warranties are completed and fulfilled.  Our Call Center is fully staffed with round the clock operators, available 7 days a week,  so you can call and place orders when it is convienant for you.

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