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No More Tar with a Vapor Cigarette

Wednesday, December 14th, 2011

Today the average smoker is more than well aware of the amount of tar a tobacco cigarette dumps into your lungs. If you have seen the pictures of a smoker’s lungs it can be very scary. No matter what type of tobacco cigarette, even the “low tar” ones, you smoke, your lungs are going to slowly fill up with tar. With a vapor cigarette, there is absolutely no tar in them to poison your lungs.

We Have a Wide Range of Vapor Cigarette Cartridges for You to Choose From

You will find that we have a wide selection of vapor cigarette cartridges for you to choose from. These are available in different levels of nicotine and several popular flavors. They contain water, nicotine and the appropriate flavor and that is all. Of all the things that they do not contain, perhaps one of the most important is tar as this is a major cause of COPD and emphysema.


How Does a Smoke Free Cigarette Work?

Tuesday, December 13th, 2011

If you watch television at night you have probably seen the commercials talking about the smoke free cigarette and how cool they are and the fact that you can use them anywhere, especially in those places where smoking has been banned. This is because that you never light one of these e cigarettes, there is no flame, no smoke and nothing burning, instead they produce nicotine laced water vapor.

Our Smoke Free Cigarette Look Like the Real Thing

The smoke free cigarette such as the one we sell is shaped to look like the real thing. Inside the cigarette shaped tube you will find a battery; a refill cartridge filled with nicotine, water and in certain cases a flavoring. The battery powers the atomizer and the colored LED on the tip. As you inhale the atomizer provides you with a steady stream of nicotine and water vapor just like when you are smoking a real cigarette and contains the nicotine and flavoring which satisfy your cravings.


Clean Up Your Act with Smoke Free Cigarettes

Friday, December 9th, 2011

Just because you still smoke does not mean that you don’t get tired of people commenting about the fact that you smell like an old ashtray. However, rather than putting up with it, perhaps it is past time you did something about it. While no one is telling you to quit smoking unless you want to, if you make the switch to smoke free cigarettes at least you can get rid of the smell.

Smokeless cigarettes such as those available at Smart Fixx use a water and nicotine cartridge to give you the nicotine your body craves, but without the smoke that makes you smell so bad. With the built in atomizer, you inhale the mixture and your body gets the nicotine it needs. The only thing you exhale is an odorless water vapor, which means that you will be able to enjoy your “smokes” anywhere you want to without having to listen to a lot of complaints.


Is A Smoke Free Electronic Cigarette Really Healthier?

Thursday, December 8th, 2011

While the manufacturers cannot advertise the smoke free electronic cigarette as a smoking cessation product the general consensus of opinion is that they offer a healthier alternative to smoking tobacco. The important thing is that while these electronic cigarettes produce a water vapor that may or may not contain nicotine, they do not contain any of the hundreds of chemical compounds found in today’s tobacco cigarettes.

This also means that you are not producing second hand smoke that can harm the health of those who do not smoke around you. The smoke free electronic cigarette being sold today produce nothing more than water vapor when exhaled. It is because of this that they are perfectly legal in public places where smoking any kind of tobacco product has been banned. While inhaling anything besides air into your lungs is not considered by doctors to be a good idea, smokeless cigarettes are thought to be less damaging than tobacco products.


Before You Buy One Read the Smokeless Cigarette Reviews Available Online

Wednesday, December 7th, 2011

Now that you have given serious consideration to trying out these new electronic cigarettes, you should take the time to do a little homework and read the various smokeless cigarette reviews that are available on the Internet. With so many different brands on the market, you need to make sure that the one you are going to spend your money on has a good rating.

At Smart Fixx you will find a series of smokeless cigarette reviews for you to read. We offer far more than just our own professional reviews, we also offer a selection of consumer reviews for you to read.  In order to make sure you are buying the best smokeless cigarettes available, you will find that the information contained in these reviews can help you make the right choice and you will be able to find an e cigarette that you can use to help you kick the habit.


Beat the No Smoking Laws with Smokeless Water Vapor Cigarettes

Tuesday, December 6th, 2011

In light of the increasing number of laws being passed that ban smokers from being able to light up when they need a cigarette; smokeless water vapor cigarettes have been developed to overcome this problem. This is an electronic cigarette that produces a stream of nicotine enhanced water vapor each time the smoker inhales. As there is no fire and nothing is being burnt, therefore no actual smoke is produced.

This means that smokeless water vapor cigarettes are not considered a smoking product and are perfectly legal to use in most places that tobacco cigarettes have been banned. It also means that a smoker can still get the nicotine his body craves and that no one has to deal with the risk of second hand smoke or the smell of real tobacco. These water vapor cigarettes come in your choice of full flavor, medium, light and zero nicotine cartridges and can be used a part of a smoking cessation program.


Finding out Where to Buy Smokeless Cigarettes

Monday, December 5th, 2011

You can find a number of retail stores that now carry a variety of electronic cigarettes and the number of stores carrying them is only expected to increase as these cigarettes become more popular. With so many options finding out where to buy smokeless cigarettes at an affordable price is far more likely to become the question rather than simply where to buy them.

Odds are pretty good that if you answer “where to buy smokeless cigarettes” with the local convenience store, you either have too much money or really don’t care about the quality of the product you are buying. You need to look online, read a few reviews and then decide who has the best prices on top quality electronic cigarettes to make sure you are not only investing your money wisely, but that your experience is good enough to make you want to put away the tobacco forever.


Clear the Air with a Smoke Free Electronic Cigarette

Thursday, December 1st, 2011

There is nothing worse to many people than walking into a room that is filled with the haze of a smoke filled room thanks to the number of people who are smoking tobacco cigarettes. While they have been banned from most public places in many states, there are still a number of hold outs that allow smoking in bars and limited other places. You can do your part to clear the air by switching to a smoke free electronic cigarette.

There are many reasons to make the switch to a smoke free electronic cigarette starting with the fact that you will no longer be inhaling or exhaling a cloud of toxic smoke. Not only will this be better for your lungs, but you are going to be doing all of those who don’t smoke around you a great favor as they no longer have to deal with a cloud of your nasty smoke.


Smokeless Cigarette Reviews Can Help You Find What You Are Looking For

Monday, November 28th, 2011

With so many advertisements and now infomercials popping up touting the advantages of switch to electronic cigarettes it can be hard to know what to believe. While you might be ready to give these new smokeless cigarettes a whirl, how do you know which ones are worth trying and which ones to give a miss? One of the best ways is to read as many smokeless cigarette reviews as you can lay your hands on.

The point of reading smokeless cigarette reviews is to have the opportunity to see what others have to say about a particular brand or style. These reviews will tell you what people that have used the product found that they really liked and what they did not like. The idea is that the more you know in advance, the more likely you are to buy a smokeless cigarette that meets your needs and that you will stay with instead of going back to your tobacco smokes that are killing you.


Switching to a Vapor Cigarette Can Be a Breath of Fresh Air

Monday, November 21st, 2011

If there is one complaint that you hear about smokers time and again, it has to be the smell. Even above the obvious health risks, the sheer stench of a smoker is enough to make those who do not smoke gag. If you are still among the few holdouts who still insist on smoking, you will find that switching to a vapor cigarette from Smart Fixx can be a breath of fresh air for you and everyone around you.

While you are still going to get the nicotine your body craves and enjoying the feel of a cigarette in your hand, this is where all similarity stops. The vapor cigarette gives you all of this without the stink. No longer will you have to listen to people behind your back talk about the fact that you carry your own stink everywhere you go or chewing and endless supply of gum to keep your breath fresh. You can finally enjoy your habit completely odor free.