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Clean Up Your Act with Smoke Free Cigarettes

Friday, December 9th, 2011

Just because you still smoke does not mean that you don’t get tired of people commenting about the fact that you smell like an old ashtray. However, rather than putting up with it, perhaps it is past time you did something about it. While no one is telling you to quit smoking unless you want to, if you make the switch to smoke free cigarettes at least you can get rid of the smell.

Smokeless cigarettes such as those available at Smart Fixx use a water and nicotine cartridge to give you the nicotine your body craves, but without the smoke that makes you smell so bad. With the built in atomizer, you inhale the mixture and your body gets the nicotine it needs. The only thing you exhale is an odorless water vapor, which means that you will be able to enjoy your “smokes” anywhere you want to without having to listen to a lot of complaints.


Smoke Free Cigarettes Contain No Toxins

Friday, December 2nd, 2011

One of the biggest problems with tobacco cigarettes is that between the smoke generated by the burning tobacco and the filter, you are inhaling hundreds of well-known and not so well known toxins into your lungs, the effects of which are devastating to your health. When you choose to use smoke free cigarettes instead you are inhaling nothing more than water vapor, nicotine and a flavoring if you so choose.

One more important benefit of choosing free cigarettes from Smart Fixx is that not only are you not inhaling all of these dangerous toxins, you are not exhaling them into the air. This means that you are not subjecting everyone around you to secondhand smoke. Even with this you are going to still be giving your body the nicotine that it craves, you are just doing it without the rest of the poisons that tobacco cigarettes contain.


Smoke Free Cigarettes Give You More Freedom

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

As a smoker your freedom to smoke where and when you want a cigarette is being cut into more and more every day or so it seems. As you go through your daily life you see more “No Smoking” notices going up all the time. Now you can’t even smoke at work in many place, however if you switch over to smoke free cigarettes, you will find that for the most part this does not apply to you.

When you look at those “No Smoking” signs what they really mean is that you may not light up and smoke tobacco products. When you are “smoking” smoke free cigarettes from Smart Fixx, you are not lighting anything except the LED at the tip end of the electronic cigarette. The only thing being produced is water vapor that has nicotine infused into it that you inhale and the only thing you exhale is water vapor. This gives you the freedom to still “smoke” no matter where you happen to be.


Keep the Inside of Your Computer Clean By Using Smoke Free Cigarettes

Friday, November 4th, 2011

If you ask a computer repair shop what causes more internal computer repair problems, they are likely to tell you that the tar from cigarettes is to blame. This tar ends up coating everything and turning in nasty, sticky shades of brown and yellow. You can see it collecting on ceilings, curtains and unknown to those who smoke around their computers, on the inside coating everything. The best way to avoid this is by switching to smoke free cigarettes in your home and especially around your computer.

The heavy buildup of tar inside of a computer causes dust to stick to everything. Over the course of time this will cause your computer to overheat and this can have disastrous results. If you rely on your computer for work or to store vital data on, you can’t afford to have this happen. You can eliminate this risk by using nothing but smoke free cigarettes such as those available at Smart Fixx whenever you are inside.


Enjoy Our Smoke Free Cigarettes at Your Favorite Bar

Wednesday, October 26th, 2011

One thing that you have probably noticed over the last few months as you stop in at your favorite bar is that you can no longer light up and enjoy a cigarette with your beer. In fact most states have passed laws banning people from smoking any type of tobacco product in most public places.  To get over this problem you can switch over to keeping one of our smoke free cigarettes in your pocket so that you can still enjoy your favorite “smoke” while sipping on a beer.

If you are not familiar with our smoke free cigarettes, they are a relative newcomer to the smoking world. These devices closely resemble a cigarette in both size and looks, but this is where any similarity ends. You do not light smoke free cigarettes and they do not produce any smoke. These cigarettes from Smart Fixx use a built in atomizer that turns water and nicotine in the replaceable cartridge into a vapor you inhale allowing you to get your nicotine fix without breaking any laws


Our Smoke Free Cigarettes Contain No Toxins

Wednesday, October 19th, 2011

As most of us are well aware of the cigarettes being manufactured today produce smoke that in filled with hundreds of different toxins. Every time you inhale the smoke, you are filling your lungs with these toxins and from there they go straight into your bloodstream and on to the rest of your body. As has been demonstrated time and again these toxins can be deadly. Our smoke free cigarettes contain absolutely none of these toxins.

A side benefit of using smoke free cigarettes from Smart Fixx is that while you are not inhaling all of these dangerous toxic chemicals, you are also not exhaling them into the air. This means is that you will not be forcing everyone around you to inhale secondhand smoke. The good news is that you are going to still be giving your body the nicotine that it craves; you are just doing it without the rest of the poisons that tobacco cigarettes contain.


Smoke Free Cigarettes – Consider the Health Consequences of Traditional Cigarettes on your Children

Thursday, September 29th, 2011


Second hand smoke can be deadly that has been proven, for those that do not even smoke the dangers posed by those that do are less than acceptable. From more illnesses to chronic disease, an increase in ear infections and asthma in children can be attributed to parents that smoke in the home. If your child is frequently ill, smoke free cigarettes can allow you to still get your nicotine in the home without letting second hand smoke free to cause health issues for your family.

Smoke free cigarettes offer nicotine in a vapor, the use of a vaporizer and a battery draws nicotine from a cartridge and allows you inhale it just like you would a traditional cigarette. The biggest difference is there is no smoke and no toxic chemicals to irritate small lungs. Visit us at Smart Fixx to learn more about smoke free cigarettes and to browse our starter kits.

Smoke Free Cigarettes Are the Perfect Way to Eliminate Lung Clogging Smoke

Thursday, September 22nd, 2011


If you are tired of polluting your lungs with the smoke of traditional cigarettes but are not quite ready to quit smoking yet, smoke free cigarettes might be good compromise that can offer you a number of benefits, until you are ready to make the break completely. Smoke free cigarettes deliver nicotine with vapor, there is not smoke to clog your lungs or to irritate those that live with you, a vapor is delivered directly to your lungs leaving not behind for anyone else.

Smoke free cigarettes are also free of the toxic chemicals found in most traditional cigarettes; the cartridges are loaded with nicotine only, so you will know exactly what you are getting and nothing more. Visit us at Smart Fixx to learn more about our smoke free cigarettes and to get one of our starter kits.

Smoke Free Cigarettes Will Give you Back Your Freedom

Monday, September 12th, 2011


If you are tired of not being able to go out on the town because you are not allowed to smoke cigarettes anywhere any more, then you may want to look into smoke free cigarettes. These offer a way to enjoy your nicotine while not bothering a soul with the smoke from a traditional cigarette. Many cities, counties and states have banned smoking in public places, this can encompass just about anywhere, and leave you feeling like you can no longer enjoy both a cigarette and being out on the town.

Smoke free cigarettes are simply little vaporizers that turn the nicotine into a vapor that you inhale, this allows you to smoke without really smoking, and allows you to be around others without subjecting them to your second hand smoke. Visit us at Smart Fixx to learn more about smoke free cigarettes and to get your starter kit.

It Has Never Been Easier to Try Smoke Free Cigarettes

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011


There are a lot of reasons why you may want to try smoke free cigarettes, the freedom to smoke when and where you want is one, not inhaling smoke, tar and a multitude of questionable chemicals is another. It can be hard however to know where to start with smoke free cigarettes as well as easy to get discouraged if you don’t choose the right cigarettes.

If you are interested in trying smoke free cigarettes the best way to do so is to order our free trial kit, you just pay shipping and you will be well on your way to trying out smoke free cigarettes and enjoying the freedom they offer you. At Smart Fixx we offer a free trial kit as well as several other starter kits that you might be interested in. Everything is included that you will need to get started including a booklet on how to get the most out of your smoke free cigarettes.