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Is A Smoke Free Electronic Cigarette Really Healthier?

Thursday, December 8th, 2011

While the manufacturers cannot advertise the smoke free electronic cigarette as a smoking cessation product the general consensus of opinion is that they offer a healthier alternative to smoking tobacco. The important thing is that while these electronic cigarettes produce a water vapor that may or may not contain nicotine, they do not contain any of the hundreds of chemical compounds found in today’s tobacco cigarettes.

This also means that you are not producing second hand smoke that can harm the health of those who do not smoke around you. The smoke free electronic cigarette being sold today produce nothing more than water vapor when exhaled. It is because of this that they are perfectly legal in public places where smoking any kind of tobacco product has been banned. While inhaling anything besides air into your lungs is not considered by doctors to be a good idea, smokeless cigarettes are thought to be less damaging than tobacco products.


Clear the Air with a Smoke Free Electronic Cigarette

Thursday, December 1st, 2011

There is nothing worse to many people than walking into a room that is filled with the haze of a smoke filled room thanks to the number of people who are smoking tobacco cigarettes. While they have been banned from most public places in many states, there are still a number of hold outs that allow smoking in bars and limited other places. You can do your part to clear the air by switching to a smoke free electronic cigarette.

There are many reasons to make the switch to a smoke free electronic cigarette starting with the fact that you will no longer be inhaling or exhaling a cloud of toxic smoke. Not only will this be better for your lungs, but you are going to be doing all of those who don’t smoke around you a great favor as they no longer have to deal with a cloud of your nasty smoke.


The Smoke Free Electronic Cigarette Means Never Worrying About Falling Asleep with a Lit Cigarette Again

Monday, November 14th, 2011

One of the biggest accidental causes of home fires has been the person who has fallen asleep with a lit cigarette or perhaps passed out drunk with a lit smoke in his hand. Consequently the death rate from these fires is much worse than any other type of house fire as those who die end up dying from asphyxiation. As long as you are using a smoke free electronic cigarette, you will never have to be worried about smoking in bed again.

This is because the smoke free electronic cigarette, like the ones we sell at Smart Fixx work by using a battery powered atomizer to deliver nicotine laced water vapor when you inhale. They never have to be lit and there is nothing burning so no part of this type of cigarette ever gets hot enough to start any kind of fire, no matter how much you use them.


Our Smoke Free Electronic Cigarette Will Protect Your Kids Lungs

Thursday, November 3rd, 2011

Most parents who still insist on smoking around their kids are perfectly aware of the fact that what they are doing is very bad for their growing lungs. The number of known carcinogens and toxic chemicals in the smoke from a modern cigarette have been scientifically proven to cause any number of diseases such as emphysema and cancer. Even if you are unable stop yourself from smoking around your kids, you need to switch over to using a smoke free electronic cigarette and put away the tobacco.

When you make the switch to over to a smoke free electronic cigarette from Smart Fixx, you will be using a vapor cigarette that contains nothing more than propylene glycol, nicotine and a flavoring.  This way are you will not be inhaling all of the toxins that cigarettes contain, the only thing you are exhaling is water vapor and at the same time you can still get your nicotine fix without harming your kids’ health.


Your Friends Will Appreciate Your Smoke Free Electronic Cigarette

Tuesday, October 25th, 2011

When you are a smoker and hanging out with a group of your friends that do not smoke the idea of lighting up around them is a less than happy thought. If you want to be a really good friend, you certainly do not to fill their lungs up with secondhand smoke. When you just have to have your nicotine fix around your friends, switch to a smoke free electronic cigarette.

At Smart Fixx we carry a smoke free electronic cigarette that will not only let you get your nicotine fix, but does not release any toxins into the air around you as there is never any kind of smoke inhaled or exhaled. The only thing this type of cigarette produces is a water vapor and nicotine mixture when you inhale and nothing more than water vapor when you exhale; your friends will thank you for your consideration.


Enjoy a Legal Smoke with a Smoke Free Electronic Cigarette

Wednesday, October 12th, 2011

As a smoker you have probably already found out that there is nothing good about being told you have to go outside after a meal in your favorite restaurant to enjoy that after meal smoke. The problem is that most have now banned or in the process of imposing bans on smoking in public places and the number of places you can smoke just keep getting smaller. The smoke free electronic cigarette is proving to be the perfect solution to the problem.

With a smoke free electronic cigarette from Smart Fixx, you will still be able to enjoy your nicotine fix after your meal or with a beer at your local bar and not have to worry about breaking these new laws. As you never light this type of cigarette, there is no fire and nothing is burning to create any type of real smoke. All you inhale is a stream of water vapor and nicotine, nothing more and they are perfectly legal everywhere.


Enjoy Your Smoke Free Electronic Cigarette Without Toxic Chemicals

Friday, September 30th, 2011

Did you know that every time you pick up a cigarette you are putting countless chemicals in your body that you do not know what they are? Cigarettes are loaded with additives and burning tobacco gives off even more substances, polluting your lungs and robbing you of your energy. When you switch to a smoke free electronic cigarette you will be inhaling pure nicotine with none of the additives that are normally added to traditional cigarettes.

You will find that you might breathe easier but more than anything your lungs will thank you for not putting that tar in them, with increased energy. If you are interested in a smoke free electronic cigarette you should visit us at Smart Fixx, we offer several starter kits for every budget and have reviews for you to read through so you can decide which electronic cigarette is better for you.

The Smoke Free Electronic Cigarette Makes for a Happier Family

Wednesday, September 21st, 2011


Is your family tired of seeing you go outside to have a cigarette when it is family time or right after meals? Maybe you still smoke in the house and they are begging you to stop because the smoke is too much for them? The smoke free electronic cigarette makes for a happier family because you will be able to enjoy your nicotine in the house without causing them any trouble of discomfort.

Don’t miss out on part of the movie, or keep your family waiting, the smoke free electronic cigarette does not have the second hand smoke that a traditional cigarette will have and lets you stay in the house and not bother the other members in your household with irritating smoke or the bad smell. Visit us at Smart Fixx to learn more about our smoke free electronic cigarette.

A Smoke Free Electronic Cigarette Helps Everyone Breathe a Little Easier

Friday, September 9th, 2011


The smoke from cigarettes is without a doubt irritating to the lungs and can cause a great deal of trouble not only to the person that smokes but also to the people around them. Many people in fact end up smoking outside because it causes so much trouble for the other people in the home. If you smoked a smoke free electronic cigarette then you and your family would not have to deal with this issue and you would be able to smoke in the house again.

The smoke free electronic cigarette delivers nicotine through a vapor, rather than smoke, this means that there is no smoke to irritate lungs or cause allergies. Smart Fixx wants to help you and your family to a smoke free home, with the use of one of their starter kits, we offer several kits to help get you started.

Your Smoke Free Electronic Cigarette Opens Far More Doors for you

Thursday, September 1st, 2011


If as a smoker you are tired of being excluded from everything just because you smoke, then the smoke free electronic cigarettes might be just the thing for you. While they won’t give you access to every place as some businesses have decided against allowing them they will open up a lot of places that have been previously closed to you.

Because the smoke free electronic cigarette uses water vapor instead of burning to deliver nicotine there is no second hand smoke to trouble those around you, or to cause them health problems. Because there is no smoke there is no smell either leaving you free to enjoy your cigarettes and your social time at the same time. Make sure to check with whomevers business or building you are in before you turn on your smoke free electronic cigarette to make sure it is ok with them. Visit us at Smart
to get your smoke free cigarette starter kit.