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Beat the No Smoking Laws with Smokeless Water Vapor Cigarettes

Tuesday, December 6th, 2011

In light of the increasing number of laws being passed that ban smokers from being able to light up when they need a cigarette; smokeless water vapor cigarettes have been developed to overcome this problem. This is an electronic cigarette that produces a stream of nicotine enhanced water vapor each time the smoker inhales. As there is no fire and nothing is being burnt, therefore no actual smoke is produced.

This means that smokeless water vapor cigarettes are not considered a smoking product and are perfectly legal to use in most places that tobacco cigarettes have been banned. It also means that a smoker can still get the nicotine his body craves and that no one has to deal with the risk of second hand smoke or the smell of real tobacco. These water vapor cigarettes come in your choice of full flavor, medium, light and zero nicotine cartridges and can be used a part of a smoking cessation program.


Enjoy Water Vapor Smokeless Cigarettes on the Job

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

If you are one of the countless thousands of people who have been told that the only time you can smoke at work is when you go outside to the designated smoking area, you know what a hassle this can be. The new laws that have been put in place have affected millions of smokers across the country. Fortunately you can take care of your nicotine cravings with  smokeless water vapor cigarettes.

Once you make the switch to smokeless water vapor cigarettes from Smart Fixx, you will never have to worry about not being able to get out for a smoke break again. Our electronic cigarettes are fully legal for use in all areas where smoking has been banned and as such should not pose a problem for your employer. The only thing that you will be exhaling into the atmosphere at work is harmless water vapor and this poses no health risks to anyone.

Protecting Your Kids’ Lungs When You Use Our Water Vapor Smokeless Cigarettes

Tuesday, October 11th, 2011

As any good parent should know, there is no excuse for smoking any kind of tobacco product anywhere near your kids as secondhand smoke poses enormous risks their health. The smoke from the burning tobacco and that you exhale is laden with carcinogens and hundreds of other toxic chemicals that are responsible for numerous diseases. If you must have your nicotine fix when you are around your kids, you should be using our water vapor smokeless cigarettes to get it.

When you use water vapor smokeless cigarettes from Smart Fixx, you are using an electronic cigarette that contains nothing more but propylene glycol, nicotine and a flavoring.  Now neither you nor your children will be inhaling all of the toxins that cigarettes contain and the only thing you are exhaling is water vapor. There is nothing in this vapor that has been linked to causing any type of disease or illness. This way you can still get your nicotine fix without harming your kids’ health.


Water Vapor Smokeless Cigarettes Allows You To Really Enjoy Your Nicotine

Tuesday, October 4th, 2011


The truth is that most smokers would give up the smoke and the tar that pollute their lungs if they could just get the smoking experience and the nicotine. Now you can with water vapor smokeless cigarettes that allow you to enjoy your favorite pastime without polluting your lungs with the harmful chemicals and substances that tradition cigarettes submit your lungs to. With the water vapor cigarettes you get nothing but water vapor and nicotine and of course the experience of smoking that so many have come to enjoy.

Water vapor smokeless cigarettes are a perfect substitute for those that want to eliminate second hand smoke from their home and for that matter from their lungs. At Smart Fixx we offer the smokeless cigarette starter kits that can help you get a good start on enjoying your favorite pastime without all the drawbacks of a traditional cigarette.


Water Vapor Smokeless Cigarettes are Mess Free

Monday, September 19th, 2011


Nobody can like the mess that cigarettes can cause, from overflowing ashtrays, to ashes and nicotine coating everything in your home and car. Not only can it be hard to clean, but it smells bad and it is a smell that is virtually impossible to get rid of. The Water Vapor smokeless cigarettes are virtually mess and smell free, since the nicotine that you inhale is in a little cartridge. This cartridge hooks up to a vaporizer and battery to deliver pure nicotine water vapor.

There are no emissions; no burning so there is no smoke or ashes to cause a mess. No more clothing, furniture or curtains that smell of nicotine either. Water vapor smokeless cigarettes are the mess free way for you to get your nicotine fix. Visit us at Smart Fixx to learn more about smokeless cigarettes as well as to get your free starter kit.