Written for Inspiration

On June 7, 2010 we posted a brief history regarding the owner of Smart Fixx. This was to inspire our readers, and let everyone know that no matter your circumstance, no  matter your situation; you can achieve and accomplish what you set out to do. But as you read, please pay close attention, it didn’t happen overnight. Let me write this again, It Doesn’t Happen Overnight. Patience, Dedication and all that it implies is required.  Remember to follow your Dream, and don’t let anyone stand in your way. Smart Fixx’s President was told by almost everyone he knew that his company would fail, but he stayed true to his heart and forged on.  Now there are millions of people who are using the electronic cigarette.

In the past few months we have enjoyed reading the posts from our readers that describe the inspiration they have received from this,  and to let you know that we too are inspired from you. 

Since that post our fearless leader has continued to grow Smart Fixx, and fight for the rights of all smokers to smoke when and where they want. He has also made it his mission to help smokers eliminate tobacco and the higher levels of toxins. Due to the high level of testimonies we receive describing how much better people are feeling smoking an e-cig vs. a traditional cigarette, and how the offensive odor is gone, he is also striving to prove all of the benefits of electronic cigarettes. The educational portion of his journey is still incomplete. We are finding that a lot of smokers are still unaware of this product, but the most important part of his educational process is making people aware that this is not a novelty product. The electronic cigarette was developed to be a smoking alternative for adults only to smoke whenever and wherever they want again!

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